Update Research Project – Milestone Report 4, August 2018

The Sports Turf Association research project on the hours of use for different sports field construction types and maintenance inputs is now entering its final phase. The 2018 winter assessment has been completed which makes six assessments in total over the past 18 months. The winter assessment has provided several important observations as follows;

  1. Encouraging late summer growth and high turf density in couch and kikuyu is critical in maintaining a good winter surface.
  2. The traffic loads and the subsequent turf thinning have appeared to increase compared to 2017.
  3. A well-constructed sand based field, even with a moderate level of maintenance provides the highest use sportsfield surface.
  4. While the winter was relatively dry the soil based fields still have very limited hours of use due to the increase in soil moisture compared to the sand field.

A final assessment is planned for late November 2018 so as to assess the spring growth and turf recovery.

Read full Report 4 –

Milestone Report 4 August 2018 STA Sportsfield Construction and Hours of Use Project (002)

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