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Waldo Miticide (Re-Entry Period change)

Waldo Miticide (Re-Entry Period change)

Turf Culture is leading the charge to help turf managers manage their turf.

In November 2019 Turf Culture were granted changes by the APVMA to the Waldo Miticide Re-Entry Period.

These were significant changes that will allow turf managers to manage their turf without the previous restrictions regarding ‘irrigation, mowing, hand weeding or transplanting of turf’.

Whilst Waldo Miticide now has a new Re-Entry Period, other turf registered products containing DIAFENTHIURON (i.e. Higran Turf Miticide) do not share Waldo’s new Re-Entry Period.

Click here for the differences between the Re-Entry Periods of Waldo Miticide and Higran Turf Miticide.


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