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Sports Turf Association Victoria

Sports Turf Association (Victoria) Inc is our trading name and we are still a proud part of the Turf Grass Association of Australia (TGAA). Formed in Melbourne after a meeting at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on November 22nd 1989, a steering committee was elected and the aims and objectives written and later ratified at the first Annual General Meeting in April 1990.

Thus the official TGAA was formed to give all turf managers and allied trades a single representative body. Up until this time sportsfield curators, racecourse managers, council workers, groundsmen and those connected with the industry such as chemical, fertiliser and irrigation personnel had only a small amount of input into how the Sportsturf Industry was organized.

The formation of the TGAA meant that everyone associated with the industry, no matter how small had a say. Describing ourselves as a non-profit industry body totally funded by its members and through sponsorship, we represent turf practitioners and industry bodies Australia wide no matter their size.

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Basic guide to turf cricket pitch preparation (PDF 5mb)

This book was written By John Shannon (Turf Management teacher NMIT and former Premier cricket player) and is a good basic guide to turf pitch preparation. In 1986, John Shannon was employed by the City of Camberwell (now Boroondara) and prepared pitches at local and sub district level. He also worked on pitches in England, and on golf courses in Melbourne and Scotland.