Summary of OH&S & Wellbeing Seminar at GMHBA Stadium, Geelong, 2nd April 2019

Many thanks go to our sponsor of the day – Syngenta. Dan Docherty and Tim Bilston from Syngenta based their presentation around Syngenta Tools to assist with common workplace WHS situations.

We were pleased to welcome 13 students and 3 teachers from Gordon Tafe, Geelong. It was a great training day for the students.

Our MC for the day, Greg Collier, provided some banter in between our serious sessions and drew out the audience as far as interaction and awareness is concerned. Isn’t that what a god MC does!!

Greg welcomed Paul Cotter, Acting Co-ordinator Community & Recreation at City Greater Geelong. Together they presented the audience with an informative and broad question/answer session. Some of the subjects covered were number of grounds, usage, impact of numerous sports and current challenges. Let’s say Paul has his work cut out for him as do many councils and curators today!

Mark Osborne from the Cancer Council never ceases to amaze us with new and alarming statistics and stories of small spots on skin turning to nasty and sometimes deadly cancer spots. We all need reminding to check our bodies regularly for spots and visit a doctor if we have any concerns. Mark provided tips to cut your cancer risk in the workplace. Early detection provides one of the best chances of cure.

Lessa Thom from Recovre guided us through challenges and benefits of different age groups working together and having respect for each other. Lessa showed us how we can improve knowledge and awareness of:
• Different age groups in the workplace and worker fatalities by age group
• Workforce age trends
• Worker challenges and solutions for different age groups
• Risk based approach and strategies for different age groups.

Michael Devlin from Worksafe Victoria explained Incident Reporting, Notifying Workplace Incidents and Identifying Possible Incidents prior to them occurring. Michael also explained in detail Worksafe’s process in the case of an incident.

The final talk for the day was a brilliant one from Rae Bonney, Integrated Wellbeing Specialist. Creating environments that support how our people are feeling is an important topic that can and should be addressed. There are roughly 370 websites in Australia that cater for mental health and there are many useful tools to help broach the subject. Remember the power of a smile; we don’t necessarily know what a person is going through at the moment. Some understanding and belief goes a long way.

Thank you to Rae – apparently there were some complaints from the audience that the one hour session was too short. We could all have listened to Rae longer and we look forward to another opportunity for her to share with our members.

The sessions concluded with a walk onto the oval.
Thank you to all who attended, some travelling quite a distance and the Geelong community and GMHBA Stadium, is a great venue.

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