# Sponsorship Awards – Sports Turf Programs

Sponsorship Awards – Sports Turf Programs

STA Victoria is committed to continuing its support of educational programs for the Sports Turf Industry.

 Two opportunities are available for 2016 which are outlined below.

National Graduate Award

In 2016 the STA Victoria will be seeking nominations from each college to be interviewed with the resultant winner representing STA Victoria in the AGCSA National Graduate Award – which is presented in June 2016 at the AGCSA National Conference in Melbourne.

This award is designed to recognise students who have excelled in their studies whilst also identifying potential leaders in the sports turf industry

In brief your college’s candidate should;

  • Have successfully completed their Certificate III in Sports Turf Management in 2015;
  • Be employed to prepare sports fields, wickets, bowling greens or racetracks;
  • Display passion and commitment for the industry.

Your college’s nomination will be required by 22 January 2016 so interviews and selection can be made by 22 February 2016.

 A flyer was distributed at the NTEWG meeting, including a nomination form held at Holmesglen on 7 and 8 December, 2015.

 STA Victoria Sponsorship of College Award

STA Victoria is a strong supporter of sports turf training throughout the state and currently sponsors a number of College awards such as “Outstanding 1st Year Apprentice” for individual TAFE’s.

As part of this review, we would like to extend this support to all colleges and would be happy to discuss potential sponsorship of one of your award categories from your turf training programs.

If interested, please contact Jan Fenton, Administration, STA Victoria, to discuss timing, value of the sponsorship/prize and any other required detail.

The STA Vic will roll out a new website in January, so please get on and have a look at it as we are always trying to improve the services that we provide. We are also asking all members to please send through an update of member details and contact details to Jan Fenton email: vic@sportsturf.asn.au

On behalf of the STA Board we would like wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016.

Key Dates:

March Seminar – TBC

20th July, 2016 – STA Vic Sportsfield & Wicket Seminar at AAMI Stadium. Planning is underway and feelers are out to secure a compelling speaker.

Early September an STA Victoria conducted hands on Cricket Curator Seminar

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