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Final Report May 2016

 The Sports Turf Association (Vic) is the peak industry body representing commercial turf managers and practitioners in the state of Victoria.

During 2015 and 2016 the Sports Turf Association (VIC) funded a 12 month research trial to study the efficacy of several pre and post emergent herbicides for the control of Poa annua (Winter Grass) on Couch and Kikuyu sports fields.

With the increasing evidence that Poa annua is exhibiting greater resistance to the available registered herbicides several different herbicide combinations were used to determine the most effective control strategies.

The outcomes of the trials have been that:-

  • There is a large Poa annua seed bank in the thatch that potentially provides a long term source of re-infestation.
  • Any effective control strategy requires the use of both pre and post emergent herbicides.
  • All pre-emergent herbicides were effective.
  • The post-emergent herbicides on a herbicide resistant site had limited effect with Tribute + Destiny providing the best control.

The completed research project findings were released in full to over 280 Sports Turf Association (Vic) members attending its annual Sports Field & Wicket seminar held at AMMI Stadium Melbourne on the 20th July 2016.

STA Poa annua control in warm season grasses Final Report May 2016

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