STA (Vic) Transition Trial

STA (Vic) will support the ANTEP 5 trial undertaken by the Australian Seed Federation (ASF) and also run a herbicide trial alongside the ANTEP 5 to trial and compare the various chemical options available to assist in transitioning out rye grass from a couch base.

Therefore, we are reaching out to members for any suggestions of chemicals or especially mixes that you are using or believe could be investigated further.

Bruce Macphee from AGCSA Tech has been commissioned by ASF to carry out the trial and will also run the herbicide trial.

The site of the trial is Evergreen Turf, McGregor Road in Pakenham, Melbourne.

The trial will be sown in March and run through to spring when the trial sprays will be applied.

Current technology such as NDVI scanners and drones will form part of the assessment.

This is an opportunity for members to put forward their thoughts on –

  • Ideal transition dates
  • Your preferred chemical or blend of chemicals
  • Do you use cultural transition – when do you start and what are your key processes?

Please email your suggestions as soon as possible to Jan at STA (Vic)


STA (Vic) looks forward to sharing the trial progress along the way.



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