Notice to Members of AGM 2021 now to be held prior the Seminar Field Day, 5th April, 2022

As you know this event was planned for 21 July 2021, however, like so many other events, it was postponed.

The AGM will now be held at 8.30am following registration and just prior to the Seminar/Field at Pakenham Racing Club.  This will be a great opportunity to meet STA (Vic) Executive and General Committee prior to listening to some informative presentations and mingling with sponsor exhibits.

Click on the links below to read documents relevant to the AGM
Draft Minutes of AGM held 28th October, 2020
AGM Agenda 5th April 2022

Delegate Registration Form to attend the Seminar/Field Day

A copy of the Audited Report and Financials is available to members at the meeting or by contacting Jan at the STA (Vic) office.

Please note:
Nominations for Executive and General Committee closed 21 July 2021
If you have any queries please contact Jan:

The STA (Vic) Committee is looking forward to meeting with you.

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